The cost for your custom designed treat varies depending on many different elements ie. flavor, fillings, servings & most importantly decoration.

If a cake just isn't in your budget many customers have found my Cupcakes and Chick Pops to be a great alternative and even a combination of them helps you get the custom cake you want AND feed the rest of your guests. 


Basic Pricing Guideline:

Party Cakes:             starting at $2.50 / serving                                                                                    

Cupcakes:                 starting at $18 / dozen

Chick Pops:              starting at $18 / dozen


Kitchen Cakes:

1/4 Sheet:       $30 - $50 (serves 30-54)

1/3 Sheet:       $40 - $75 (serves 35-75)

1/2 Sheet:       $55 - $90 (serves 50-108)

Full Sheet:       $90 - $140 (serves 100-192)

Just as the name describes these cakes are meant to be cut back in the kitchen & not displayed.                                                                                                                    Used to provide additional servings of cake to your guests they are made in the flavor of your choice                                                                                                              and include a simple border decoration. Single & Double Layered options are available. The Double                                                                                                     layer option includes a filling of your choice at no extra charge. 



***All pricing is subject to change at any time***